Five years ago, we sought to begin the next chapter in our lives by starting a family…

We are no stranger to how much children enhance the lives of... well... anyone, really! Ashlee has been passionately teaching in the public education community for eleven years, and Travis (the oldest of five siblings) has been proud to lead by example as an older brother, as well as to help guide young minds through environments like video and animation workshops.

Our journey has taken us on many paths: each one full of struggle, perseverance, countless life lessons, and above all: growth. Through various procedures, we gradually learned it would be very difficult to start a family naturally. But that’s life, right? After devoting time to the grief process, we view the growth of our family as a plot twist with a newfound, heartfelt and even stronger sense of direction. Adoption was something we always wanted to be a part of our family’s story, the order of operations simply changed.

We are working with Catholic Charities to meet and/or be matched with a birthmother and child. We very much welcome an open adoption, and would love to do so through the domestic infant adoption process; though we do not limit ourselves/family to these specifics. Our conversations, education and relationships through Catholic Charities have been invaluable and we can’t wait to take the next step in our journey by opening up our home and family to a kiddo who is already loved beyond words by us, our family and our community.

If you are interested in connecting with us, please visit Catholic Charities in link above, or feel free to reach out to us directly in the “CONTACT” tab.

With love and light,

Ashlee & Travis